The role of MFM

Maternal-fetal-medicine doctors are highly specialized in complex pregnancies. In many ways, they should be the first people you reach out to after you find out you’re expecting MoMo twins, because they may be the first set of medical providers who would be most knowledgeable about MoMo twin pregnancies and how to ensure you have as uncomplicated a pregnancy as can be.

These doctors aren’t always performing as physicians inside a hospital, however. For example, our MFM doctors work within a care provider called Obstetrix Medical Group, though they work very closely with some of the largest hospitals in Denver, and as such can (and in our case did) perform the actual deliveries of your twins as well.

The MFM group is likely going to be taking the lead on your care, and will be the place you’ll most likely go to for your every-other-week ultrasounds, and the doctors there will be assessing your twins’ growth and health as the weeks go by.

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